What’s Inside SurgeU? A New Trading Platform With a Trained Eye on Wealth Building
Cryptocurrency / 10.07.2024

What’s Inside SurgeU? A New Trading Platform With a Trained Eye on Wealth Building

Rising interest rates and credit card debt. Wage stagnation. Sky-high home prices and insurance rates. Inflation and lingering supply chain issues. It’s no wonder American investors are warily eyeing their nest eggs: Wealth building has never seemed so out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Brand-new and red-hot financial education platform SurgeU has been created explicitly to help average Joes and Janes conquer the markets, trading with knowledge and finesse and securing their financial futures. SurgeU aims to educate the next generation of investors — from the novice up to seasoned pros — with custom market education tailored to a variety of skill levels to inform its students about stocks, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange markets and stock options. And it’s doing so with a custom-built platform. “Fundamentally at the core of all things, SurgeU is this concept of skill-building knowledge acquisition,” SurgeU affiliate Jeremy Nosek says. “Our vision for the future is that all financial and business products that we fulfill, we do so ourselves. We build our own products under the SurgeU brand.” Launched in May 2024, SurgeU offers in-person and online classes, with a blend of technology-enhanced learning, and faith-based principles. Biweekly, students are invited ...


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